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Peasblossom puppies will be born and reared in our own home, not in kennels.  At home, they will have the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of a normal household as part of their preparation to go out into the big wide world.    We look forward to finding loving, permanent homes for all our babies and to provide their new owners with long-term support and advice  


If you would like to offer a home to a Peasblossom puppy, or occasionally we have older dogs available too, please feel free to contact us.  Alternatively, if you feel that a much older dog would suit your family more than a young puppy, perhaps you might consider the possibility of adopting one of the many English Springers currently in welfare rescue kennels.  A link to ESS Welfare can be found on the ‘Links’ page.  


We have owned English Springer Spaniels for many, many years and it goes without saying that we adore the breed.  Our intention, when breeding, has always been to improve the quality of the dogs we own and to produce healthy puppies of sound conformation and temperament.  

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As breeders, we have always looked for the most suitable males for our bitches and have sometimes travelled long distances to make this happen.  We have looked much further afield to increase our own options for the future by importing youngsters from outside the UK as well as importing semen from males that we think will make a contribution to our plans.

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It is our policy to be open and honest about the health issues that affect the breed and our dogs will be tested for relevant diseases using tests that are currently available to us.  We subscribe wholeheartedly to responsible breeding practices not only in the way our puppies are reared but in caring about the general well being and happiness of all our dogs.  We always strive to breed for the very best health and temperament and will never compromise over that ever.  For us, breeding means so much more than filling out forms and testing for diseases that are not particularly relevant to English Springers.  What is important to us, is to be honest about the conditions that really affect our breed and to try our utmost to avoid them.  Rearing healthy, happy and outgoing puppies is our aim and if they also happen to look good too, so much the better.  

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