August - September 2014

Saturday 13th September

'The best laid plans of mice and men' ......

A suitable title for this update I thought :o) Much has happened since our last news but we will start with Bournemouth which was a month or so ago. Judge was Angela Mitchell. We had entered four dogs but ultimately managed only two, Millie and Holly. They won Junior Bitch and Open Bitch respectively. After Bournemouth things unfortunately went a bit awry resulting in an unexpected stay in hospital for me. Suffice to say I spent six days there which of course completely scuppered a fair few plans. A very much looked forward to trip to Poland to visit friends being the most important but we were also unable to take the lovely Kate to meet with our chosen stud dog and missed two important shows too. Very frustrating to say the least but what can you do about such things other than draw a line under it and move on?

Soooo, having missed the opportunity to have puppies from Kate this time, we changed our plans. Rafferty and Willow's puppies will hopefully be due towards the end of next month and details can be found on our Current Litters page. We are looking forward to these puppies and wonder if there will be any tan?? :o)

City of Birmingham was the next show we attended. Judge was Pat Guy. Millie won the Junior Bitch class again, Bessie was placed second in Puppy Bitch and Rafferty third in Open Dog.

Last weekend it was Richmond Championship Show. This was an important show for us as we took the Serafina trade stand, attending all three days there. It was successful we think and we are really happy with the beautiful products we have. Thank you to everyone who supported us with a special mention for Celia who helped so much :o) We also took three dogs on the last day for the opinion of judge, Tom Graham. Rafferty and Kate were both fourth in their Open Classes. Millie was yet again the little star, winning both her Junior Class and in the challenge, the Bitch CC, her second! We were both surprised, delighted and in fact, can hardly believe all that she has achieved in such a short time.

Tomorrow is Darlington - a long drive for Dave with Rafferty, Bessie and Millie and next weekend we are taking Serafina to Paws In the Park. After that our re-organised trip to Poland. Much to be excited about we think :o)

Below are some photos, the first is of Bessie, taken at City of Birmingham. It really is about time we got some new pics of beautiful 'Odd Molly' :o) The rest are all of Millie from Richmond. The last one, taken by friend Lesley, is of the DCC winner and Millie. Plaiglen Hustle was made into a champion on the day :o)

Thursday 7th August

So today the first of our Seamus x Lila girls has left for her new home. She will be joining Kitkat in Denmark. Her new name will be 'Tuppence' which we love. We wish her lots of love and success for the future with her new family. The second will be off shortly to Scotland and will be called Orla. Our one is to be called Lara. A few new photos of the pups added to the Current Litters page. Well it was to be Lara only we have found that Mum Lila is getting confused with that (doesn't take much :o) ) so Lara is now Tansy :o)

Now for a video clip :o) Not of dogs but of the weather. It has been incredibly hot and sultry for weeks. The video was taken late one afternoon just before a storm. So strange the cloud formations and the colours in the sky. Very like War of the Worlds in our own back garden :o)

A lot has happened probably since our last update. We went to Leeds at the end of last month for the opinion of judge, Teresa Dunsdon. It was a second in Open for Rafferty and the RDCC. Millie was placed first again in Junior and Holly third in Open. Bessie won Puppy Bitch and was awarded Best Puppy In Breed. Lovely to see Rattan out that day (P Butterfly at Beresford) who won Veteran Bitch and BVIB :o) Mostly I remember that it was the hottest show I have ever been to. The rings had no shade whatsover so it was a long, scorching hot day for dogs, judge and exhibitors.

Paignton was last weekend where Rafferty was Best Male and RBOB. Bessie was second in Puppy Bitch. National Gundog was the following day. The judge was Kay Woodward. We only took two dogs this time because we had been unable to get all four ready in time :o( However Rafferty won Open Dog and Millie won Junior Bitch and the RCC :o) What an amazing start that Millie has had to her showing career.

News from France that Marley (P Magicien D'Oz) has attended his first show where he was Best Junior. Here in the UK, the Elliott's 'Alfie' (P Nemesis at Jonabar) has had a good start winning several Best Puppy Awards and Puppy Group places too. 'Annie' (P Luna at Zawspring) went BOB and was short-listed in the Group at East of England Ladies KC :o) Finally, 'Tasha' (P Nettle) has also left us for a new home in France with Alice Wagner. We wish her lots of love and happiness too.

Below are various photos of all the above news :o) Please click to enlarge as always.