Peasblossom 'V' litter expected 12th December 2017

Peasblossom 'W' litter expected 23rd December 2017

Multi Ch Barecho Play Now Pay Later x Barecho Odd Molly at Peasblossom

Paco 1
Bessie Jan 15 b

Really happy to announce that Bessie will also be expecting her first litter near to Christmas. She has been scanned for six babies. All will be liver and white and perhaps some will also have tan markings. Time will tell. Regarding health, Paco has 'A' hips and is clear for Cord 1 and Fuco. He has clear eyes for PRA and RD. Bessie is a carrier for Cord 1 but clear for Fuco, PRA, MRD and Goniodysgenesis. Both have superb temperaments - very happy and typical for the breed. They are both 'smilers' so we look foward to a litter of baby smilers too :o)