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Honey was the daughter of Eddie (Sh Ch Berkenbar Carrera) and Bronte (Calvdale In Possession at Summerstone).


For me, she was very special.  She was the type of springer that we had hoped for with this mating, both to look at and to live with.  She did very well in the show ring early on, against some super bitches that were around at the same time.


When she was about 18 months old, we noticed that she had become a little lethargic.  It was particularly noticeable in the ring where she had always been full of life.  She also became a little fussy over her food, not at all normal for a young springer bitch!


Our vet immediately diagnosed a problem with her liver.  He assumed initially that it was caused by an ingestion of toxins but we eventually found that not to be the case.  Her illness was difficult to manage as her symptoms were very variable.  For long periods she seemed outwardly well, but would then relapse again.  After many months of treatment, including liver biopsies and spells at the vets on a drip, she was referred to the Royal Veterinary Hospital at Cambridge.  


Despite receiving the very best treatment and care, after just over a year, we took the agonising decision to put Honey to sleep, after yet another relapse.  We felt that she had suffered enough.


Honey is greatly missed, but she made a huge impact in her short life and left us with so many happy memories.








Summerstone Basilissa - 'Honey'

 4th March 2003 - 1st November 2005

Honey 2