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Berkenbar Angelo x Cepen Celtic Charm for Peasblossom 'Bradley' x 'Izzie'

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This will be Izzie's last litter and we are very excited about it.  We have thought that Bradley might be a good choice for her for some time - a very nice dog, with a lovely, outgoing temperament and with a super pedigree as well.  


Izzie has been fully health-tested with a hip score of 6:4 (10), tested clear for PRA Cord 1, hereditarily clear for Fucosidosis and clinically eye tested clear for both PRA, MRD and Goniodysgenesis (Glaucoma).   Bradley is Fucosidosis and PRA Cord 1 clear (from clear parents) and has been clinically tested clear (Oct '10) for both Goniodysgeneis and GPRA.  


We made the long drive up to Edinburgh to take Izzie to Bradley - but compared to Sweden, it was just around the corner!!  Now we just wait with some impatience of course, for the babies to arrive....

Pedigree of Bradley x Izzie pups

Bradley head Nov 10 a

Puppies born 21st January 2011!!

The Peasblossom 'I' Litter .....