January - February 2014

Friday 28th February

An age has passed since my last update ... cannnot understand how time can pass by so quickly. The weather, in the main, is still wet although we are welcoming the odd bright and warmer day. Spring, hopefully, is just around the corner. A short visit to friends in Somerset shocked me ... so much flood water where once there were fields. Hope they will soon be home again xx Facebook followers will know that we have been raising money (and hopefully a smile or two) and plans are in place to hold an online auction to raise a bit more after Crufts. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our endeavour so far.

A bit of health news ... Eye testing. Seamus, Rafferty and Kate have all had their annual tests and all were found to be absolutely fine. Kate was also gonioscopied and was perfect.

Last weekend was the Southern English Springer Spaniel Society Champ Show where John Palmer was judging. We had entered three dogs but took only two, the casualty being totally naked Willow. Rafferty won the Limit Dog Class and Kate was placed second in Open Bitch gaining her Stud Book Number. Rafferty was also awarded the RCC. It was a lovely day all round, and in particular for dogs of our breeding and sired by our boys.

Now we are on the count-down to Crufts. We have so much to do to prepare for the arrival of our special Swedish friends. I have no idea where we will all sleep but hey, it will be fun. Can't wait to see you all. Good luck to everyone this year - have fun xx

Tuesday 3rd February

Not too much news to report on really. The weather has been apalling, feels like it has been raining forever. We have given up walking the dogs in the woods and fields because of the mud and instead are enjoying walks on the beach. Finally, and it took a while, we have grasped the concept of tides and have worked out how not to get drowned. The dogs love it of course. Walking along a sandy beach while the sun shines (yes it still does occasionally!) has to be good for the soul :o)

The last of the 'N' litter left us for the US at the end of last week and we have received a lovely video clip of 'Barney' in his new home. It is a very long flight for a young puppy and we were on tenterhooks all day waiting for news. He was soon in the arms of his new owner, however, having taken it all in his stride. We wish him all the very best for his new life in Philadelphia.

This past weekend, Dave took Millie and Kate to East Kent Open Show. Kate is here from Kennel Art-Wave's in Sweden. She arrived in November and has fitted in perfectly. She has been easy to fall in love with. However, practice was on the cards for the forthcoming show scene :o) Judge for both the Breed and the Group was Ernie
Lockett. Millie won Junior and was declared Best Puppy in Breed too. Kate won the Open Class. Millie was later awarded Puppy Group 2.

Finally, we received the loveliest thing from the owner of Marley (P Magicien D'Oz) who is the litter sister to Millie. He left for a life in France way back in the summer time and is doing well. Have a look at this lovely booklet full of photos of him and his kennel mates :o) Thank you Marie, for sending it xx

Thursday 23rd January

Well the first show of the year has been and gone in a flash - Manchester Championship Show with judge for the day, Wendy Willey. Not a bad start all in all, with Rafferty finishing 4th in Limit, but the girls fairing better with both Millie winning Minor Puppy Bitch and Holly winning Limit.

Twiggy (Peasblossom Kashmir) has become a first-time mother in Sweden :o) So the wild-child, 'puppy from hell' is looking like an angel in the whelping box (click on image below). Good luck Twig's xx

Friday 3rd January

So the New Year is upon us already and without a chance to draw breath, the first show of the year is less than a fortnight away. Better get cracking on some 'proper' grooming I think. The weather has hardly been conducive to keeping the dogs in show condition however :o(

The majority of the puppies have now left for wonderful new homes and we wish them love for the future. Unfortunately it looks as though Lila has missed this time and no puppies were seen on the ultrasound scan :o( So our hugely expensive trip to Finland and exciting plans have come to nothing. We are very sad and disapointed to say the least.

There is no doubt that 2013 was a great year for us in dog showing terms but there is more to life than that of course. In respect of work and family matters, life was not so kind. We also lost our lovely Eden and had to say goodbye, far too soon, to Robin :o( They will share an extra special place in our hearts. Little Meadow is still with us after her big op and is flourishing. She still gives us the occasional cause for concern but is very much a typical, whirlwind Springer puppy and for that at least, we are very glad.

Looking forwards, we hope to launch a small company this year selling dog grooming products so perhaps the showing will take more of a back seat while we try to establish that. It is exciting but also something totally new for us. A new website should be ready soon :o) and the company name will be 'Serafina'.

We do wish our friends and the visitors to our website all the very best for the forthcoming year and hope that everyone finds joy and happiness both inside and out of the show ring. And finally, a quote that I love and believe in :o) 'When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time." ' (Author Unknown)

Twiggy and babies