Jan - Feb 2015

Tuesday 24th February

Well ....!! The very best kind of news is that we went to the Southern ESS Society Championship Show on Saturday and Rafferty was Best In Show!! Most definitely a good start to the year for us, completely unexpected too and all the better for that :o) Rafferty was in Open Dog and it was such a super class to win but win he did. In the challenge he was awarded Best Male and the DCC, his fourth!! We took Bessie and Millie too and they were respectively 5th in Junior Bitch and Millie won Yearling Bitch. In the final challenge, Rafferty was lucky enough to be awarded BEST IN SHOW!! Judge for the day was Jenny Millier (Feorlig) with a super entry of 181 English Springers. It was an extra special win as it was the Ruby Anniversary Show for this society with cake and other special celebratory offerings :o) A really lovely day!!

So now we are on the countdown to Crufts, only just over a week away. Another excellent entry awaits of 207 Springers for judge, Frank Kane. Can only say that it will be lovely to see everyone there :o)

Friday 13th February

How time is flying by .... next weekend will be the first show of the year for us. Cannot believe that October was our last show. I think we are very definitely fair weather dog show goers! Soon enough we will be in the swing of the new show year with two huge entries at the SESSS and Crufts to look forward to. Always good to see lots of dogs in the ring. In the meantime we have been busy with usual everyday stuff. Rafferty, Kate and Millie went for their annual eye tests and passed with flying colours. The Serafina stand has been out to two shows and has done very well. Thanks to all that supported us.

Finally and most importantly, Kate has been mated to Struie at long last. She will, of course, be scanned in a few weeks time to see that there are puppies. If they are, they will be born on or around 10th April. We have been in touch with everyone interested in a puppy from Kate so now we just keep our fingers crossed :o)

Thursday 29th January

New pages added today for both Tansy and Pepe, go to Our Boys and Our Girls to view. Also please see our current litters page as we have a seven month old Puppy boy available. Full details and pics can be found there :o)

Thursday 22nd January

A horrendously long time has passed since the last update I'm afraid but it is that time of year again when not much is going on or certainly not in terms of us going to any dog shows, God forbid! The weather is cold, but not cold enough for snow which means rain instead and mud ... lots of it :o( However, good news reached us that Alfie (P Nemesis at Jonabar) went BAV & Group 4 at Heyward & Radcliffe under judge Jacqui Ward. Many congratulations!

Prudence and Promise both left us for Hampshire and Scotland within two days of each other and we send them lots of luck for the future. 'Pepe' has stayed with us and along with Tansy (P Ophelia) who is our Seamus x Lila daughter, will hopefully be getting out and about shortly or at least when the weather improves.

Dave fulfilled his recent judging appointment at Manchester... it seems to me that you wait for judging appointments forever and all of a sudden they are upon you, well it certainly seemed the case with this one. He was lucky enough to get a super entry of 114 Springers, making 120 altogether and considering the freezing weather there were very few absentees. He found his BOB, who gained her third CC at the same time, in Calvdale Diamond Heist. RBCC went to the Puppy Bitch winner, Beresford Easily Tempted. Best Male and CC was Beresford Special Delivery and RDCC, Sh Ch Plaiglen Hustle. Some lovely photos below of the winners, taken by Kay Woodward (thank you x)

We are still patiently waiting for Kate to start her season before arranging our trip up to Scotland. Third time lucky, it has to be :) We are also preparing for trips out with the Serafina stand as we have several shows booked for the forthcoming months. We have new products too with more on their way. Please see our Serafina website on www.serafina.uk.com :o)