July - Aug 2017

Thursday 17th August


At last some new photos added of the pups.  All are coming on in leaps and bounds (literally!) All have super homes to go to also :o) and we are on the count down now to them leaving us for the big wide world.  Not too much else is happening here at the moment as you can imagine ....


Pepe continues to do us proud in New Zealand winning more Groups and a Reserve Best In Show.  Photos to follow when I have more time.



Sunday 30th July


New puppy photos added to the Current Litters page today.  Pups are now in the puppy pen in the kitchen :o)  


Sunday 23rd July


All going well here with the puppies.  New photos added and one video.  The others were too blurry.  We must practice more.  But weaning is coming on a treat as are all the babies.  They have gone from perfect, glossy little souls to sticky, messy ones, however, we are very pleased with them :o)


Not too much showing news although Bessie took a trip to Leeds for the opinion of judge, Kelly Jenkinson, where she was placed second in Post Grad bitch.  We were really pleased with this as she has not been shown for nearly two years and was a happy, jolly soul.  The reason for this trip out was that David and Helene had come to the show all the way from Sweden with their dogs to show.  It was great to meet up with them and they have taken Bessie home with them for a holiday in Sweden.  She will be mated there when the time comes and come back to us for her first litter.  Very exciting ...


Sunday 16th July


New puppy photos have been added to the gallery on the Current Litters page.  The pups are doing really well, up on their feet (well after a fashion!) with eyes opening now too.  They are growing well!  A very contented bunch all round.  We have started weaning offering the best minced steak which has been received well.  Quite early to wean but we feel that with this number of puppies, Mum could do with some help.  Next week, we will try to add some videos.  They are already filling the whelping box so time to give them a bit more room too.  


No show news still but some lovely photos of Peasblossom Kastor here below and on the Welcome page.  He lives with his family in Belgium where he does Agility very successfully :o)  Click on photos to enlarge.











Saturday 8th July


All goes well here and the puppies are growing fast.  All have doubled their birth weights which is good especially for such a big litter.  Willow is feeding them well :o)

A few new photos have been added to the Current Litters page.


Sunday 2nd July


So on the last day of June, Willow delighted us by producing eleven puppies!  Seven girls and four boys.  Both mother and babies are doing well.  More photos will follow in due course but I have added a few to the Current Litters page.  Usually we temporarily name the puppies but this time, we were too tired to think of eleven 'U' names so instead they are named after characters from 'The Walking Dead'.  Soon enough, pics of Hershal, Glen, Gabriel, Morgan, Carol, Michonne, Tara, Sasha, Lori, Rosita and Maggie will appear :o)


No show news for us except for Pepe in New Zealand, winning this weekend, two Gundog Groups and two Best Intermediates In Show.  Go for it Peps!!!  Photo of him taken below at one of the shows with owner, Nigel Trainor.

Pepe 1st July 17