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July - August 2016

Tuesday 30th August


An exceptionally busy weekend just gone :o)  I went to Brussels to the European Dog Show with Tulip, our lovely black Cocker.  Sadly there was a change of judge and although she was graded Excellent, was unplaced in her Junior Bitch Class.  In all honesty, it didn't really matter as I got more pleasure from preparing her for the show on my own.  My Cocker grooming skills are very much in their infancy - it is so incredibly difficult but neverthess I was proud of my efforts!


Really nice to see everyone at the show - lovely venue it was with big rings, good parking just very, very hot.  Congrats to Helene with her successes on the day and lovely to see Alice with Tasha doing well over the weekend shows, congratulations!  


Another reason for my trip was to collect 'Inka' (Ikebana De Los Tres Robles) who will be joining us for a time in England.  We thank her breeder, Elena Stohr for allowing her to come to us.  She is a Grand Daughter of our Kye (P Chance) so it will be fun to see how she does here.  She has certainly settled here very well so far.  I will add a new page for Inka in due course :o)


The day after Brussels, Dave went up to SKC Champ Show with Rafferty and Tansy for the opinion of judge, Jock Mackay.  It was another lovely day for Raff winning his 13th CC, BOB and another Group 4 under judge, Mr K S Wilberg.  Tansy was placed second in Post Grad Bitch.  A super weekend for us but a lot of miles!  


Next 'event' is Richmond with the Serafina stand ....


Wednesday 17th August


A lovely day was spent at National Gundog with the stand.  Things are going well on that score and we thank eeryone that visited us there :o)  The only Peasblossom entered was young Lexie, (P Roma at Kingsheath) who was placed second in MPB.  Well done!!


Finally we got to a show ourselves - this time Bournemouth and also with the Serafina stand.  A lovely hot weekend on the south coast!  Judge for Springers was Trudy Short (Parkmist).  Although we had entered three dogs, what with Serafina, having builders in at home etc etc, we only managed one of them :o(  Still nevertheless it proved to be a lovely day when our solitary dog, Rafferty won Open Dog, the CC, his twelth and finally Best of Breed!  We were delighted!  But also it was a good day for other dogs of our breeding too, with Lexie winning MPB and being declared BPB, Pixie (P Peace at Foordslane) winning YB and Brodie (P Geisha at Meonstoke) winning LB and her Stud Book Number to boot!  Well done to you all :o)  To finish what was a lovely day, Rafferty then went on to get Gundog Group 4 by the Group judge, Jenny Miller (Feorlig).  Just a couple of very happy bunnies .... :o)


Outside of show news, Kaistor (P Kaistor) has been doing well at Agility and has been finishing highly placed in his classes.  I have a small video clip to share when I have learned how to upload it :o)  Also Kitkat (P Eternity) has been learning how to skip :o)  Here is a photo - success!!!  























Sunday 31st July


Another long gap between updates.  As you can tell, enthusiasm not our strong suit at the  moment :o(  Anyway, Tasha graces the front page this time.  Tasha has gained her French Championship title since the last update.  We are very proud and send our congratulations to her owners :o) xxx  


Nothing to speak of in terms of show news for us although both East of England and Leeds have been and gone already.  Lexi, (P Roma at Kingsheath) has been out at both East of England where she was first in Minor Puppy Bitch as well as Hampshire Gundog where she was BP and shortlisted in the Group.  Well done.  At Leeds, Alfie, (P Nemesis at Jonabar) won Post Grad Dog again and Lola (P Rumours at Strathnaver) again won Minor Puppy Bitch and later was awarded Best Puppy Bitch overall.  Great!  Well done to you all :o)  xxx


Willow, sadly, is not expecting puppies.  So our next litter will be from Bessie and we are making arrangements to again take a trip to Sweden for the mating.  So more on that shortly.  


Our next show is Bournemouth although we will be taking a trip out with our show stand to National Gundog so see you all there!


Sunday 3rd July


Trying to get back in the swing of things, here is another quick update!  We went to Windsor Champ Show and took four dogs.  We also took our trade stand, 'Serafina', so it was a lot of hard work managing it all.  Anyway, judge for Springers was Ed Casey and it wasn't a bad day at all.  Pepe won Post Graduate Dog and Raff won Open and Best Dog.  Tansy was second in Post Grad Bitch and Kate, her first time out since her pups was placed third in Open Bitch.  But it was also a good day for 'Pixie'. P Peace at Foorslane won the Good Citizens Class and was also third in Post Grad Bitch.  And not forgetting baby Lexi, P Roma at Kingsheath who was second in Puppy Bitch.  A nice, well filled class it was too!  Bodes well ...  More news soon to follow after Willow's scan.  Below is a photo of the final line-up from Windsor (thank you Lesley McCourt xx)


Windsor 2016 lineup Kitkat and Susanne skipping Bournemouth Raff 2016