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'L' Litter born 25th January 2013

Su(u)Ch Night Wish Darrem Canis x Peasblossom Embrace

The newly born litter here at Peasblossom is a match between Baros and Elin.    Baros is a Swedish Champion and in fact has finished the year as Top Show Springer in Sweden for 2012.  We are fortunate to have him here in the UK for a few months and feel that he will make a good choice for Elin.  It will be Elin's second litter.  Both have super, outgoing and happy temperaments which is of primary importance to us.


Baros is fully health-tested with 'A' hips, a current clear eye certificate for PRA and MRD and is 'Unaffected' for Gonioscopy.  He is a Carrier for PRA Cord 1.  Both Baros and Elin are hereditarily clear for Fucosidosis.  Elin is Clear for PRA Cord 1 and also has a current clear eye certificate for PRA, MRD and Gonioscopy.


The inbreeding co-efficient for puppies in this litter will be 3.7% against an average for the breed of 9%.


There are seven puppies in the litter, three boys and four girls.  One of each is liver & white and the others are black & white.

Pedigree of Baros x Elin puppy

barosstor Elin June 11 Elin's pups day 1

Puppies at day 1