March - April 2014

Tuesday 15th April

Wonderful news from the ESSC Championship Show on Sunday just gone that Holly finally, at last, got her third CC winning both Limit Bitch and ultimately RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!! So now she can relax and be the totally crazy dog that she really wants to be ;) Thank you Helene and David for this very beautiful girl - hope your second GBSH was worth the wait :) The judge for the day was John Robson. We entered four dogs for his opinion and just had the most super day. Rafferty won Limit Dog and the RDCC. Little Bessie at her very first show won Minor Puppy Bitch and Millie won Puppy Bitch too. Thank you to our stand-in handlers Lesley McCourt and Celia Woodbridge for handling the two pups in the Challenge. Bessie was given the nod for Best Puppy Bitch and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!! What a fantastic start to her career :o) We are so pleased with her and in particular how happy she is all the time - just how a springer should be :o) Photos below taken by Kay Woodward
(thank you x) Click to enlarge as usual.

Thursday 10th April

Time for some updates. Last weekend Dave went off to Lancs & Cheshire Championship Show for the opinion of Wendy Minshull. And it wasn't a bad day at all. We had entered four but decided to leave the lovely Kate at home because she is looking a tad naked just now. Anyway, Rafferty won Limit and Holly was placed second in her Limit class. Millie won Puppy Bitch and was declared both Best Puppy Bitch and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! Clever girl! Onwards now to this coming weekend when we will be attending the ESSC Championship Show. We have five entered but perhaps that was slightly too ambitious on our part. We'll see. Just happy that the weather has been glorious and we have been enjoying regular trips to the beach with the dogs. Long may it last.

News from Denmark that Kitkat (P Eternity) has been 'high achieving' again :o) Last Sunday she attended an official Rally test in Horsen where she was entered in a first ever two-in-one Rally test – two separate tests under two judges on the same day. Kitkat won both Advanced classes, gained two certificates with 96 and 97 points (out of 100!!!) and became Rally Champion on the day. It was her first Rally test in 2014. So many congratulations from us both - a fantastic achievement, really! We are incredibly impressed that it is possbile to take a puppy at eight weeks and achieve so much. Well done! xxx Photos below, click to enlarge!

Tuesday 18th March

I am getting a little lazy with updating the website :o( Already more than a week has passed since Crufts. As always it was great to see everyone there. A super entry of almost 200 Springers and it was a good day for us with Seamus, after almost a year away from the ring, second in Veteran Dog. Rafferty was also second in Limit. Lila, in her first Veteran Class, won it! Holly was placed fourth in Limit. It was also a good show for many dogs of our breeding and those sired by our boys - always good for the 'pride-ometer' :o) Star of the day though, was Claudia, Ch Barecho Quest For Success, over with Helene and David for Crufts. I had the honour of handling her as Helene had two entered in the same class and we were thrilled that she won both the class and the Bitch CC. So she has deserved her special place on the front of our website this time :o) This photo was taken on the way back to Sweden ... such a beautiful girl! Congratulations to Helene and David once again from us both :o)

Bessie has arrived from Sweden too :o) Barecho Odd Molly at Peasblossom is her name. Such a sweet little girl. Hopefully some new, up to date photos to follow soon but she has settled fantastically well with the rest of the gang and has a new page all to herself.

Puppy News: - unfortunately we missed Kate's season in the furore that was Crufts so she will be mated next time round. Also since Crufts our computer has died taking with it lots of important information and contacts. Argh! So, if you have been in touch about a puppy from us, will you please get in touch once again when you get a minute.

Hopefully our new 'Serafina' website will be up and running very soon. It is taking forever :o( We have lots of lovely shampoo and stuff sitting just waiting to be tried :o)

ESSC 14 Holly BCC Bessie BPIS
Kitkat rally champion
L & C bitches 2014