Health: Mattie is DNA clear from Fucosidosis and PRA Cord 1 Mutation (both parents clear). Eye tested clear for PRA, MRD & Cataracts Nov 08. Hip Score 'A' (Best possible). Inbreeding co-efficient 0.8%.

Sh Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW
Alanea Flame for Peasblossom
Ch Barecho Fun For The Future
Ch Wongan Romanza at Barecho
Sh Ch Calvdale Crimewatch
Alanea Carisma
Ch Whisborne Angus Og
Ch Barecho Pretty Picture
Ch Azucroft On The Prowl
AU GR CH Wongan Amazing Grace
Sh Ch Wadeson Inspector Wexford
AU CH Coorigil Constellation
Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny
Hawkhill Honesty

Mattie's Parents: Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom JW x Alanea Flame for Peasblossom

Malmo Mar 09 12