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Sh Ch Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom x Lordsett White Whisper at Peasblossom

'Seamus' x 'Willow'

The next litter here at Peasblossom will a match between Seamus and Willow.  It will be Willow's first litter and we very much look forward to what she will produce to our beloved Seamus :o)  


Seamus has been successful in the show ring both here and in Scandinavia with awards too many to mention.  He was Top Springer in 2011 and is a Best In Show winner with 21 GB CC's to his name.  Willow is the daughter of last year's Top Springer in the UK,

Sh Ch Mompesson Cavendish and PL Ch Linmoor Back On Track.  Willow's mother has also had a lovely litter to Seamus which of course has been a serious consideration in our choice of stud dogs for her.


Both Willow and Seamus have super temperaments and are easy to live with.   Health results are also good ... Seamus is clear for Fuco, Cord 1, Goniodysgenesis and has a current clear eye certificate for PRA and MRD.  He is also hip scored with 5:7 (12).  Willow is clear for Fuco, Cord 1, Gonio and has a clear certificate for PRA and MRD.  All the puppies from this litter will be hereditarily clear for PRA Cord 1 and Fucosidosis.


The inbreeding co-efficient for this mating will be 4% against a breed average of 9%.

Willow wINDSOR 12 willow sharpened Nov 09 v


Puppies born 26th October

Boys Day 2 Girls Day 2 a

Boys at 2 days left, girls on the right .....

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