25th June 2020


New photos added today as the puppies reach four weeks!   Time rushes on and they are now 'proper little dogs' :o)  Apologies for lack of photos this week but weaning has commenced and for now, they stop being lovely glossy little things and turn into grubby, sticky things instead .. not condusive to beautiful photos :o).   That said, weaning is proceeding well.  Today, they have moved from the whelping box to the puppy pen in the kitchen where they will experience much more of life's more interesting things in readiness for their new lives ahead.


16th June 2020


More photos added to today as the pups reach their third week.  All are doing well with their eyes open and moving about now.   I will try to upload a couple of videos to the Current Litters page too but don't hold your breath!! :o)


8th June 2020


New photos added ... more to follow soon!


3rd June 2020


A little update in the way of puppy news.  Lois has produced for us a lovely litter of eleven puppies.  Three boys and eight girls.  Mother and her babies are doing well.  Please go to Current Litters page to see some photos.


31st March 2020


Well here we are a third of the way through the year already and the first time for some updates.  I have been attempting to tidy up the website a little bit and give it a facelift but it takes time and that is something that I have very little of!


Not a huge amount of news, however, with Coronavirus putting paid to all things dog show-related probably for some months to come.  We did manage to get to the first show of the year, though, Manchester, where the results were very nearly a repeat of the same show the year before.  This time the judge was Marion Stowe and Rafferty was again the Dog CC winner and eventually Best of Breed.  Lola, Peasblossom Rumours of Strathnaver also won the Reserve Bitch CC.  So a lovely day all round and especially good that Raff started off the new year as he had finished the last one!


The next event for us was Kent Super Dog in February.  Rafferty and Rocco had both qualified this year.  It was a great evening for us last year when Gaia won Top Puppy of the Year overall so we dared not to hope too much this time round.  However yet again, Rafferty did us very proud winning Best Veteran and Top Dog overall.  Rocco also managed to get to the final of the Top Puppy event so yet again, our dogs did us super proud!  A lovely evening all round with great food and friends.  Judges for the evening were Jock and Maureen McKay.
























At the Southern ESS Champ Show at the end of February, we were there to collect the Jean Taylor Awards given out every year at this show.  Raff was both won Top Dog and Top Veteran 2019 and Rocco was Top Puppy for 2019.  I also won Runner Up Critique of the Year, judged by Fran Glendinning.  Not a bad day at all considering we didn't have any dogs with us :o)  























Crufts was literally a wash out for us this year!  We didn't make it due to flooding at home - just so much rain that the fields around us simply couldn't cope with the amount of water.  It was impossible to prepare the dogs for the show and I think we were very lucky not to be totally flooded.  However plenty of dogs of our breeding did get there and had some great results.  A couple of days before Crufts we had an arrival from Spain in the form of new baby 'Grettel'.  She has settled in so well and we give thanks to Cristobal for trusting us with her.  A new page will be set up for her in due course.  




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