November - December 2015

16th December

So the final Championship of the year has been and gone. Cannot say that we are sorry as it has been a busy year - too busy! However, the end result is that Rafferty has been confirmed as Top Springer for 2015 which is fantastic. We are so proud of him and all that he has achieved over the year and so nice that he has followed in the footsteps of Dad, Seamus who was Top Springer in 2011. At the show too, Kye won Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Breed again. Pepe won his first Junior Class. Finally, he is getting the hang of it.

The puppies continue to do well and are getting the hang of weaning much more. Photos to follow soon :o)

8th December

Still no show news of course although on the count down to the last Championship show of the year for us this forthcoming weekend. In the meantime, we have been busy with the puppies and preparations for Christmas etc. The babies are doing well. We seem to be getting an incredible number of visiters to the site at the moment so we are guessing that is is prospective puppy owners hoping for updates. We are really sorry for the delay :o( but as it is down to me and it is a particularly busy time of year, these things take time. I have put a few new photos on the Current Litters page however and hope to get the chance to take individual photos this week at some point too. The puppies are up on their legs now and their eyes have started to open :) They are a very contented bunch (Thank you God!) and Halle has been, well just fantastic :) Weaning has commenced, a little early but needs must when there are so many. A messy business but so far so good :)

We are still waiting for Millie to start her season ... the waiting is painful! But hopefully more on that soon. Some good health news that Pepe's hip score results are back from the BVA and are 3:4 (7) so that is great news! Lets hope that his brain can soon catch up with the excellence of his hips .....!

26th November

No show news but news instead of puppies :o) Our 'R' litter has arrived. Eleven babies, four boys and seven girls! Mum and babies are all doing well. A newborn photo has been added to the Current Litters page.

14th November

Not a huge amount of news but forthcoming Puppy plans are afoot. In between times, we have been to the Midland ESS for the opinion of judge, Ken Green, where Tansy again won Junior Bitch and Millie was third in OB. Gundog Breeds of Scotland - a long journey for judge, Catriona Brough. Again just the two - Rafferty who was second in Open Dog and was awared the RCC :o) Tansy won Junior Bitch again and second was her litter sister, Orla (P Orianna at Berkenbar). Another good day too for 'Alfie' (P Nemesis at Jonabar) winning Post Grad dog. Congrats xx

Just one more show to go and then, for us, a looooong rest yahoooo!