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Peasblossom Amaryllis - 'Teasel'

Teasel was born in the first Peasblossom litter.  She had a wonderful home in Norfolk with owners Diana and Robert and unlike our 'Peasblossoms', proved herself to be clever as well as pretty, winning the Good Citizens Bronze award at her first attempt.  It came a terrible shock to hear that, like Honey, she was suffering from Chronic Hepatitis at the age of only eighteen months.  The agonising decision was taken to put her to sleep to save further suffering.  This is a truly horrible disease - if you can help the Research Project underway at Cambridge University in any way, please do!  


Our thanks, always, to Diana and Robert for loving Teasel and giving her such a wonderful and happy home.....


See some photos of Teasel below

Summer 2008 005

1st February 2007 - 19th August 2008