Peasblossom 'R' Litter - born 22nd November 2015

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So the new babies have arrived. All eleven of them! Seven girls and four boys have been born to Halle & Rafferty and all are doing well. Some have tan! In fact quite a few have tan!

Health results from Halle & Raff are good. Both have current and clear eye tests for GPRA and MRD as well as being clear for Goniodysgenesis. They are both hereditarily clear for Fuco as is Raff for PRA Cord 1. Rafferty has 'A' hips. Halle is a carrier for Cord 1 which means that some of the puppies in this litter will also be carriers. None, however, will ever develop the condition.

Please scroll down to see the pedigree of these puppies :)