Sept - Oct 2016

17th October


News of Gundog Society of Wales this time!  A mid week show at Malvern.  Judge for this show was Pam Blay.  We were fortunate to have Amy Tainor helping us for this show as I cannot currently show any dogs with a frozen shoulder :o(.   First was Pepe who won his Graduate Class, then Rafferty won Open Dog and in the challenge was awarded his fifteenth CC!  It proved to be a good day too for the girls, with Inka placing second in Junior which qualified her for Crufts, Tansy winning Post Grad and Millie was again second in Open Bitch.  Lovely that she was called back in to be awarded her second RCC too from two shows!  Rafferty was eventually given the nod for Best of Breed and in the Group, judged by Gordon Haran, was awarded Group 3!   Lovely lovely day :o)


Other news that Lexi (P Roma at Kingsheath) went to the South Western ESS Open Show where she finished Best Puppy In Show under Lesley McCourt - well done xx And Marley (P Magicien D'Oz) has completed his International Champion title.  Very well done from us both xx



7th October 


What a long, long time since the last updates.  A sign of the times sadly.  Eventually we hope to have a new, much more exciting website set up and hopefully my enthusiasm for updates will return.


Since our last news. both Willow, Pepe, Bessie and Halle all passed their eye tests with flying colours.  Always a nerve-wracking time of course but all was well.  Onwards with our plans!


We spent a great week with Jens Karlsson who was over from Sweden and Kennel Artwave's.  So nice to spend time talking dogs and making plans not forgetting the shopping experiences :o)  Enjoyed every minute.  Come again soon :)


The next show was Richmond.  No dogs entered as we had our show stand there.  But good to see little Lexi, Peasblossom Roma at Kingsheath take second in Minor Puppy Bitch.  


Darlington was the show after that for judge Kirsty Miller.  We were thrilled when Rafferty won Open Dog - it was a super class but he won and was awarded the CC, his 14th!  The girls also did well too with a fourth in Junior Bitch for Inka at her first show here, a VHC for Lila and a second in Open for Millie - her first show after her puppies.  So pleased that she was then awarded the RCC.  Ultimately Rafferty was Best of Breed and in the Gundog Group was awarded another Group 4 under judge, Sandra Marshall.   A lovely day for us.   Photo below of Raff in the Group :o)


                                                                                          We missed South of England Gundog in favour of taking the show stand there but did manage Windsor                    

                                                                                          Gundog with only one of the three dogs we had entered.  Inka won Junior and was awarded Reserve

                                                                                          Best of Breed by judge, Barbara Scorgie.  At Hampshire Gundog, Lexi (P Roma at K) won Best Puppy

                                                                                          and the Gundog Puppy Group under Jane Eyeington - well done!  And at Driffield, her sister, Lola (P

                                                                                          Rumours at Strathnaver) won Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy In Breed.  Great news :o)  New pages to be

                                                                                          added at some point for these girls!
























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