Sept - Oct 2017

17th October


Where have these last two months disappeared to?  Just too scary how time rushes past.  So apologies for lack of updates - no excuses except to say that we have had puppies to take care of and I am now back at work following the wrist surgery.  


We are now down to three pups, now 15 weeks!  All others have of course left for their new homes.  They have been a great bunch, if a lot of work.  


In the past couple of months we have been to two shows - Richmond and South Wales.  Rafferty won the DCC and BOB at both!  So proud of him!  Judge at Richmond was Teresa Dundson and at South Wales, Nigel Worth.  Thanks to them both for thinking so highly of our boy.  His tally now stands at 18 CC's, 13 with BOB.  At Richmond, our new girl, Lois (Peasblossom Tigerlily) went too where she was second (out of two!) in Puppy Bitch.  A tad naughty she was but had some fun.  She is now qualified for Crufts which is good as it is unlikely that we will have the opportunity to do many other shows or any, in fact, for the rest of the year.


Pepe (NZ Ch P Poet) has continued his winning ways in New Zealand and nows stands fourth in the Show Dog rankings for the whole country and top dog All Breeds in the South Island.  Photo below taking of him this past weekend where he went Best In Show!  


Dave judged at Gundog Society of Wales where he had a great entry.  DCC & BOB was Melvery Top Geezer, RCC Beresford Black Tie, BCC Loxbourne Disco Diva for Kingsheath, RBCC Hunterheck Under A Spell JW and BP Reulemill Annie Power and delighted to see she went RBPIS later in the day.  Photo also below.  Click on pics to enlarge.  


Finally some news that we may be expecting puppies again.  This time from both Inka and Bessie.  More info on the Planned Litters page.  Both girls will be scanned in due course to make sure there are puppies there but hopefully there will be.  A busy time ahead of us no doubt.  Typically, we have waited for ages for them to start their seasons and then they both start together!!